We organize intimate weddings for both locals and those who come from a distance to the Greater Vancouver area on the Lower Mainland to celebrate. Vancouver is an excellent destination for a wedding because of the ease of traveling here and everything that Vancouver has to offer.

 An intimate wedding is small affair with the happy couple and anywhere from zero to a handful of guests. Limiting your guest list will save money, time, and complications. However, even with a very small wedding you can have something as rustic or luxurious as you desire. Or anything in between. 

We help our guests plan for all the details like renting a tuxedo, getting your make-up done, arranging music and flowers, or anything else you can think of. You can get married on the beach, in a botanical garden, at a restaurant, a park, in a hotel, or whatever you desire. One of the advantages of a small party is that we can arrange certain locales for the wedding that are not possible with a large group.

 An intimate wedding can be something beautiful. Without all the noise and distractions of hundreds of guests, you can concentrate on each other and making your own dreams come true. If you have an intimate wedding, here, in Vancouver, then you can also start your honeymoon here: in a hotel, a B&B, a lodge, or a vacation rental.

 There is no shortage of activities in and around Vancouver, and we can arrange any and all of them for you, such as whale watching, deep sea fishing, wine tasting, skiing (in Whistler), visiting the Vancouver Aquarium, museums, Granville Island, or just our world-class shopping.

 For an intimate wedding, here, on the Lower Mainland, contact us. Call us at (778) 889-2643 or (778) 233-7302, and we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

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