More Destination Weddings for Visitors from Russia, Macao, Singapore, and Other Places
Canada receives visitors and tourists from all over the world. We have mentioned on other pages
in our website some of the countries that visitors hail from, who then contact us to help them
organize a destination wedding here. But there are lots of other countries that we have not
mentioned yet, and it would be impossible to name them all.

Nevertheless, we do receive many visitors from Russia, Macao, Singapore, and the Middle East,
who would like to get married here. Getting married, here, in British Columbia, is easy, and we
can arrange all the details for you, whether you want a Marriage Commissioner or a
clergyperson. We make good things happen for our clients.

Whatever you need, we can arrange it. Maybe you want to go to a spa before or after the
wedding or see a hairdresser. Maybe you want to visit the Vancouver Zoo or the Aquarium or
take a side trip to Whistler. And if you need some help with English, and a translator, we can
arrange that, too. From fishing, sailing, and sightseeing, to cooking classes, live music, and
academic lectures, Vancouver has something for everyone.

Our business, and area of expertise, is organizing weddings, and we do that very often for
visitors from eastern Europe, Africa, Australia, and all parts of Asia. Some people choose
Vancouver because of our beautiful weather or coastline. Others like our top-notch hotels and
restaurants. Still others are drawn to the fact that same-sex marriage has been legal here for many

Contact us at your earliest convenience if you are considering getting married
here. And whether you would like 100 guests or none, we can arrange everything to make this
destination wedding a reality. Call us at (778) 889-2643 or (778) 233-7302, and we will work
with you to give you exactly what you want.

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