Destination Weddings for Visitors From China

There are over 300,000 Chinese tourists who come to Vancouver every year. Beijing recently lifted their mandatory quarantine regulations for travelers entering China—including Chinese nationals who were vacationing abroad, so we expect more and more Chinese to visit Vancouver in the months and years to come.

Destination Weddings for Visitors From ChinaSome Chinese travelers may wish to elope in Vancouver for a variety of reasons. Vancouver is beautiful all year round, eloping is a way to have an intimate wedding without the stress and cost of many superfluous guests, and same-sex marriage has been allowed in British Columbia since 2003.

Another reason why Chinese visitors may wish to wed in Vancouver is the Chinese influence. Over half a million Chinese live in Vancouver, where there is not just a cultural center, but also many other aspects of Chinese culture available, which would make Chinese visitors feel at home.

Our business is creating dream weddings for our clients, whether the weddings are large or small, and we cater to many of the visitors coming from abroad. So, if you are Chinese, and want to elope in Vancouver having a wedding with a Chinese influence or a Western one, we can help you plan and execute the celebration that you dream of.

We can arrange weddings in Vancouver's most iconic locations and attraction sites such as restaurants, hotels, museums, and botanical gardens. You can have as much wedding décor as you desire, and the wedding can be as formal or informal as you like.

Get in touch with us as soon as you know that you want to elope here on the Lower Mainland, and we can talk to you about all your options for your perfect wedding. Call us at (778) 889-2643 or (778) 233-7302, and we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

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