Destination Weddings for Visitors From Asia

China aside, Japan, South Korea, India, and Hong Kong are important source countries for visitors to Canada and to Vancouver. With approximately 20 percent of the population originating from Asia, Canada represents a peaceful country with a significant Asian influence, which is attractive to visitors.

Interestingly, often these visitors from Asia want to plan a destination wedding in theThere are plenty of reasons for this: our mild year-round weather, the location on the Pacific Ocean with fresh fish and seafood and fine dining easily available, and the great growing conditions which translate into spectacular botanical gardens, a cherry blossom festival, and flowers for several months of the year.

We love to organize destination weddings for our visitors from the Pacific Rim and other parts of Asia. We can arrange something wonderful for you if you give us some lead time and let us know what will make you happy.

Whether you want something intimate on a beach or desire to entertain lots of friends in a luxury hotel, we can put together a package for every taste and budget. There are over 4000 restaurants in Vancouver so there are dining options to suit all our visitors.

We arrange weddings for tiny to very large groups and everything in between. And we are proud of the fact that same-sex marriage has been legal in British Columbia since 2003.

Talk to us first if you want to elope here on the Lower Mainland, and we can let you know about all your options for a perfect wedding. Call us at (778) 889-2643 or (778) 233-7302, and we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

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