Why Have an Intimate Wedding?

October 4th, 2019 in Weddings
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When the word “wedding” is mentioned to any suppliers, contractors, or planners, it often brings an extra premium in price with it. With today’s already high cost of living, planning a large, exuberant wedding may not be realistic for many people. There is another option, and that is to have a small, intimate wedding. Better yet, make it a destination wedding in beautiful Vancouver.

Why an Intimate Wedding?

Cost has already been mentioned, but is worth talking about again. An intimate weddings can be much simpler, saving thousands in venues, food, bar, decorations and so on. An intimate wedding lets you choose where to spend your money, focusing on what is important to you on your special day.

You also get to choose only guests that are very important to you in your life. Often, wedding lists can bloat to hundreds of people, most of whom you spend no time with at your wedding, and only see on the rare occasion. An intimate wedding lets you focus on the people that matter.

Why Vancouver as a destination?

Vancouver is becoming one of the top choices for a destination wedding. Very few cities offer the stunning view of the mountains and ocean, making it the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. There are also a number of breathtaking venues available, including “Brockhouse” and “Hycroft” in Old Shaughnessy. Vancouver also provides a very temperate climate, and planning a summer day will get you sunshine without being in extreme heat.

For your special day, consider having an intimate wedding in Vancouver. Contact Elope With Us to get help with planning your special day.

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