Why Elope? Top 5 Reasons!

July 4th, 2019 in Weddings
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Financial – In our experience, a typical Vancouver wedding for 150 guests costs around $65,000. Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money for most couples to spend on one day of their lives. This is especially true for couples who just finished school, are starting their careers, looking into purchasing their first home or expecting a child

Time – A typical couple spends 200 to 300 hours planning their wedding (when a planner is not involved)

Stress – Planning a wedding is often stressful and it can bring up a lot of anxiety for couples hoping to please their family and friends while intertwining customs. For a shy couple, the thought of being the centre of attention is just too much stress to stomach

Make It All About You – Celebrate your love freely and fully, just the way you want to

Vancouver – Voted one of the best cities to live in, Vancouver, BC is surrounded by water, lush greens and mountains. Vancouver offers a diverse culture and tasty food

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